Compliance California SB7 Submetering Solutions

California Senate Bill SB7 - Chapter 623 requires Water Submetering In All New Construction As Of January 1, 2018.

SB7 Overview

  • Signed by the Governor 9/25/2016.

  • SB7 - Chapter 623 requires submetering in all new construction multi-family dwellings after 1/1/2018.

  • The bill requires tenants to be billed on actual usage, no estimates or allocations.

  • Leaks must be repaired by management within 21 days.

  • Goal is to hold tenants accountable and encourage conservation while providing consumer protection.

Given the extent of the drought and the need for greater water conservation in California, all the state’s residents should be armed with the knowledge of how much water they’re using to help them reduce their water waste.