Utility Cost Recovery California

Utility cost recovery in California, often referred to as utility cost allocation or submetering, is a process used to collect fees or charges from tenants or residents in multifamily housing or commercial properties to cover the costs of utilities such as water, electricity, gas, and sometimes other services like trash removal or sewage. Here's how it works:

Accurate Billing:
The foremost objective of our company is to accurately bill tenants or residents for their actual utility usage. This involves installing and maintaining meters, reading them regularly, and ensuring that the bills generated are precise and reflective of consumption.

Meter Maintenance:
Regularly inspect and maintain meters to ensure they are functioning correctly. Detects and addresses meter malfunctions or inaccuracies promptly.

Reporting and Analytics:
We provide property owners and managers with comprehensive reports and analytics on utility consumption trends, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding property management and conservation efforts.

We help property owners and managers streamline utility billing services processes, promote fairness, reduce costs, and create a positive experience for tenants or residents.