As a utility management company, We accurately measure and allocate utility consumption among individual residents in multi-unit properties, such as single families with ADUs, apartments, condominiums, and commercial buildings. This is done to ensure that each resident is billed only for the utilities they have consumed, rather than relying on a single meter for the entire property.

  • Cost allocation: To accurately allocate the cost of utilities among residents or units based on their individual consumption.

  • Improved cost control: To help residents monitor their own utility usage and take steps to reduce consumption and costs.

  • Customer billing: To generate accurate and timely bills for residents based on their actual consumption.

  • Revenue generation: To generate additional revenue for property owners by recovering the cost of utilities from residents.

  • Conservation: To encourage conservation of utilities by providing residents with detailed information about their consumption.

Overall, the goal of our company is to provide a fair and efficient system for allocating and recovering the cost of utilities in multi unit properties.