Water Submetering Services California

Water submetering is a service that involves the installation of separate water meters into individual units in Single family homes with ADUs, Multifamily homes, apartment communities, condominium communities, mobile home communities, resorts and more.

Sub-metering is needed in these types of properties to allow each resident or tenant to pay the water bill based on their consumption. Without submeters, the owner will be responsible for dividing the water expense across all tenants and residents which is indeed unfair for those who don’t consume that much.

At Roshan Energy, we understand the importance of effective utility management services in multi-family residential and commercial facilities. That's why we offer a range of utility billing solutions and water submetering services in California to help you streamline your processes. Our wireless sub-metering products are designed to help you accurately bill residents for their usage, manage common areas, and implement conservation programs like Green Builder Code or SB7. With our comprehensive inventory of sub-metering products, you can trust that Roshan Energy will support your sustainable building operation goals.