Electric Submetering California

Many commercial and residential buildings in California use a single "master meter." Electricity comes into a building at bulk rate prices from the Utility. Landlords bill tenants for electricity based on flat fees or formulas derived from the building space they occupy. Occupants pay for electricity as part of a monthly bill, but their energy use is not individually tracked.

Electric Submetering California is the measurement of consumption after the master meter. Submeters (also referred to as power meters, electrical meters, and energy monitors) are installed after the master meter to measure individual electrical load.

At Roshan Energy, we realize the importance of effective utility management in multi-family residential and commercial facilities. As a result we offer a range of utility billing solutions and electric submetering solutions in California to help you streamline your processes. Our wireless sub-metering products are designed to help you to use the right bill and residents for their usage.

Submeters allow for the granular measurement of energy use, right down to the individual circuit. Building owners and property managers can pinpoint energy use, identify failing equipment, and allocate cost fairly by installing submeters. Tenants pay only for the electricity they use, can account for their consumption and conserve energy, and lower their electricity bills.

When tenants pay directly for their energy use, overall building consumption drops on average by 20%. That's an impressive saving that's comparable to installing an entire building automation system or changing all the windows in an office tower — at a fraction of the cost. Put another way, for every five buildings that are submetered, an entirely new building can be powered from the savings alone.